Our Guest Testimonials

Testimonials reflect the impact of an experience on our lives. Individual testimonials blend together to create an overall personal life story that is unique to each person. WinShape Retreat is honored to be a part of small part of your life story. Please take the time to read our collection of testimonials, and if you would, please share your testimonial so that others may be encouraged.

“I was invited to the facility for a minister’s retreat when it first opened. My husband and I are marriage instructors and professional counselors. I have waited for about five years to be able to bring a group with us to share the same wonderful experience that we had.  Can I say that I am excited a year in advance?  We will bring a group to share the facility in the Fall of 2013.  It is November of 2012, we just secured our group reservation with WinShape Retreat this week and I am bubbling with excitement!  We cannot wait until we have a chance to share our experience with couples that we have loved, counseled or taught over the last five years.  I am like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  Thanks [WinShape Retreat] for all that you do to make our job so easy.” 
Maurice and Dr. Monica T. Hill, LPC

“We just returned from our 3rd trip to WinShape Retreat, and it was just as enjoyable as our first.  There are not enough words to describe how pampered you feel here.  The whole place - - the setting, the food, the people, the serenity - - everything is absolutely perfect!  Of all the places my husband and I get away to, WinShape Retreat is the favorite of us both.  Thank you so much for providing something to help married couples enrich their relationship.  We’ve told so many of our friends, and will continue to spread the word about what is available through your generosity.  It has definitely been a God-send for our marriage.”
David and Shelly Coffee

“Yesterday I wrapped up another weekend marriage intensive. It is hard to describe the dramatic change in the hearts of the couples from Thursday to Sunday. It is equally difficult to communicate my joy in watching God work in such a profound way.”

Tim Bowman, LPC

“I really don’t have the words to express how truly wonderful WinShape is! The peaceful atmosphere of the grounds, the sweet spirit in which I was served (ministered to) by each person I encountered (at the registration desk, the chefs, the servers in the dining hall, the audiovisual technicians) EVERYONE treated me as though I was the only guest in the place! God’s love was showered on me from start to finish! THANK YOU!! is not enough to say, but it’s all I have right now! There is a special anointing there; if only I could have bottled it and brought some home with me.”

Deborah Wilson, The Tuesday Night Bible Study Group from Missouri

“I saw information about WinShape Retreat on a Chick-fil-A Restaurant wall.  I made a phone call to make reservations for July 22-24, 2011. WinShape Retreat is another world, takes us back in time so that we have more time for the important things:  Life itself.  The staff is more than wonderful.  They are sent from heaven.”

Roger and Jeanette Cornett

“I call it, “A PIECE OF HEAVEN”. We are thankful for the experience (of being at WinShape Retreat). I am telling everyone especially married and dating couples. We plan to come back and bring other friends and ministry partners with us. Thank You Truett Cathy and Family for your vision.”

Ruthie Brooks
Emergency Black Marriage Summit

“I have had the privilege of coming to WinShape Retreat for the Cup of Joy retreat and just today left the “Marriage Champions” retreat.  I cannot say how thankful we were to be able to get away for a day and spend time together.  I call WinShape the “mountain of transformation” as I believe it is humanly impossible to experience that atmosphere and not be transformed in some way. THANK YOU so much for all that you do!  We are forever and always WinShape advocates.  May God’s blessings truly pour over the retreat center, the staff, the administration and all who visit.”

Shawna Johnson

“Thank you again for helping make our kidz2leaders “Day Apart” retreat so wonderful.  Our team so enjoyed our time on the WinShape campus!  As we walked the acreage and brainstormed, God spoke to us in a mighty way as we planned for the future of Camp Hope and kidz2leaders.  It was truly a blessed day apart for us, and your entire team was so accommodating!  Thank you again!
In Him,”

Diane Parrish

“Patty and I had a wonderful time at WinShape Retreat. Our weekend was full of time, rest, God and each other. It’s so beautiful and peaceful at WinShape Retreat.  We were treated like a king and queen. The food was REALLY GOOD. We went on an awesome hike up to the House of Dreams, fell asleep in the hammock together, biked on Saturday & Sunday, and enjoyed deep conversations & decisions throughout our visit.  God used the WinShape team in our lives.  We look forward to visiting again… God bless!”

Oliver and Patty
Follow Your Heart (self directed retreat)

“Our attendance at the Prepare to Last Weekend was an awesome experience; one that will stay with us forever. We are now married and pray that our marriage will last. We know it will when God is in the center of our relationship.  We learned alot from Debbie and Jeff and have gone on some of our date nights since, keeping in mind things they taught us. We use the books as resources and pictures to remind us of the weekend that we had.”

Amy Duncanson

“Where to start?  We had such a wonderful time at Winshape.  There isn’t another place like it: the smiles, the friendly chats, the serving attitudes, the food, the spotless facilities, the beautiful countryside, the positive atmosphere, and most of all, the presence of God in that place.  It is such a testimony to the rest of the world about how all of life could be like WinShape if only…”

Rick and Linda Rapson

“To the management and staff of WinShape: Thank you for a great weekend, everything was excellent, the hospitality superb. My wife and I highly recommend your program to all married couples and groups. You will certainly see members of the New Freedom Christian Center family again.  May God continue to bless you all.”

Romantic Adventure Alumni