Couples In Crisis

Couples In Crisis

It is an unfortunate reality, without cultivating and valuing this most essential relationship, couples may find themselves in crisis.  WinShape Retreat offers a way to heal and restore your marriage with our Couples In Crisis retreat, also known, as Couples Intensives.

WinShape Marriage has partnered with three ministries to create an exceptional four-day program, designed to provide intensive couples counseling in small-group sessions. In the intensive program, couples find lasting solutions to serious marital struggles by exposing the real root of the problem. Emotional connections can be reestablished and couples can rediscover safety in their relationship with each other, leading to true intimacy and genuine healing. Hospitality, comfort and confidentiality make this a time of safety and healing.

Packages vary, but some financial aid may be available through the respective ministries. For registration and additional information about intensives, contact:

Focus on the Family’s National Institute of Marriage
: 866-875-2915

Center for Relational Care
: 877-567-5656, ext. 201

The Hideaway Experience: 806-290-0055