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Lessons From The Journey: Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Marriage is a journey.  But how do you know where you’re going?  What map are you and your spouse using to navigate the inevitable twists and turns of marriage?

Come enjoy a weekend with Dennis and Barbara Rainey - an amazing couple that’s helped millions of other couples find their own roadmap through marriage.  As the President of Family Life (Campus Crusade’s ministry to marriages and families), Dennis and Barbara have offered their wisdom, insight, and godly direction through books, radio, video, and more.

Dennis and Barbara will be sharing the most heartfelt, effective, and important lessons they’ve learned from their years of experience - from being married for over 40 years, raising six children, and leaving a legacy of 19 grandchildren.  Discover how to make your marriage happier and healthier by applying biblical principles in all areas of your marriage. 

You’ll leave encouraged, hopeful, and full of practical tools to grow and build your marriage.  The Rainey’s humility, warmth, and stories will encourage you and your spouse as you continue in the journey of marriage.

Rates and Dates:

$565 per couple (Includes program, meals, lodging, applicable taxes and state fees)
December 4-6, 2015 - FULL -

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