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Ministry Groups

Ministry leaders, ministry staff and volunteer teams selflessly serve when called, sometimes at the expense of their own comfort and needs. In the pace of life there are few things that encourage us to focus our attention on our own spiritual development or the growth of our teams. Sometimes a change of scenery is in order.

WinShape Retreat offers the kind of mountaintop experience that inspires and awakens living. Practical teaching invites you back to the basics of propose, vision and balance. Experiential learning provided by WinShape Teams takes you into the beautiful surroundings and leads you to discover relevant ways to apply your findings back in the real world. You are welcome to customize our content for your own unique needs. Or we can lead from start to finish.

Fundamentals of Team Development

This content covers the necessary components of building your team. We will explore the skills to build Trust, improve Communication,  develop Problem Solving skills, and the importance of practicing Encouragement and Celebration.

Adventures in Servant Leadership

This content is taken from the book The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do,  Co-Authored by Mark Miller, VP of Chick-fil-A Training and Development and consultant Ken Blanchard. During this program participants will learn about the skills to be a great leader: Seeing and Shaping the Future, Engaging and Developing Others, Reinventing Continuously, Valuing Results and Relationships, and Embodying the Values. Through learning these skills participants will learn that great leaders SERVE.

Creating Community

We find ourselves in different communities throughout every aspect of our lives. In this program we find out what creates authentic community among a group of individuals. We will discuss how communities need a Powerful Purpose, need to spend Time Together, offer Sacrificial Service,  provide each other a Challenge to Change and be intentional about Corporate Celebration. We will also discuss the Perilous Pitfalls that cause dissension and destroy authentic community.

Leading Teams

This program, designed for team leaders, dives into leveraging a high performance leadership team to achieve long lasting and impactful results. We will explore the need for selecting Talent, teaching Skills, and building Community to achieve Results.


A fifteen minute on-line assessment that provides a description of your natural personality style, your first impression style, your adaptation to change, and how you relate to others.

Custom Content

If none of these content pieces meet your goals we can customize the content of your program based on different goals you may have developed for your group.

Download and print the Ministry Groups programming options and details.

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