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Before students move into their dorm to begin their college experience, they spend eight days getting to know each other and our program during an event called FreshThing.

During the first year, students will meet weekly in small groups to learn about their identity in Christ, Biblical Community, and the Story of God from Genesis to Revelation. They’ll walk away with the ability to share the Story of God in their own words in just a few minutes!

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The second year experience launches with an amazing four-day trip to Chicago where students explore their natural strengths in an Amazing Race environment. Throughout the year, students will meet weekly in small groups to learn about their unique identity, including their strengths, spiritual gifts, passions, and purpose.

Over Christmas Break, they’ll travel as a class to Washington, D.C. To hear why, click on the video below!

Chicago DC
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As our students become upperclassmen, we challenge them to take what they have been learning over the past two years and begin intentionally impacting the world around them.

We help them to form student lead teams called Community Impact Teams, focused around a common purpose to impact a specific aspect of our community. These are launched during an event over Labor Day weekend called the CIT Initiative.

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Students continue to learn leadership and teamwork principles during their last year by engaging in Community Impact Teams. They can either continue on the same team they participated in during their third year or form a new team. Team leaders receive additional training and coaching from staff members on a weekly basis.


WHO PARTICIPATES? Each year we accept 30-35 incoming full-time Berry College students. Our application process is on-line, and we look for students with potential and desire for growth in the areas of discipleship, community, and leadership.

WHEN AND WHERE DOES IT TAKE PLACE? The residential WinShape College Program is a four year journey in discipleship, community, and leadership at Berry College in Rome, GA.

WHAT HAPPENS? Students participate in weekly small groups, receive training in topics like Story of God (Biblical survey), Biblical community, teamwork, and natural and spiritual gifts. Students also attend a series of multiple day catalytic events throughout the four-year journey that spark excitement and growth for the next steps in the process.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Students in our program actually receive a $4000 annual scholarship to assist with tuition costs. All costs associated with WinShape College Program training and events are completely covered by us.


Our application is on-line and you can start by clicking the link below, but WAIT! Read the steps below to make sure you know what you’re getting into. This program is ONLY at Berry College in Rome, GA, and you have to be accepted to Berry to participate. We are a Christian program focused on Discipleship, Community, and Leadership; our scholarship recipients are required to participate in all of our programming and adhere to our Community Agreement.

Application Process

  1. 1. Begin a WinShape College Program application and a Berry College application.
  2. 2. Complete both applications prior to February 1st. Early deadline is November 15th.
  3. 3. Receive acceptance from Berry College.
  4. 4. Await an invitation to a WinShape College Program interview visit. In a typical year there are three interview visits that occur in January-March. WCP hosts 18-22 prospective students during each of those visits. An individual interview visit begins on Monday afternoon at 1:00pm and goes through Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm. If you are selected for an interview visit, you will be notified by mail about two weeks prior to the selected date.
  5. 5. Await decision regarding your acceptance. All decisions on incoming students will be made by April 15th prior to Fall enrollment. There is no Spring enrollment.
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We would love to show you around our beautiful campus and answer any questions you might have about our program. We can facilitate tours on weekdays during business hours throughout the year.

To schedule a visit, just call 706-238-7717, ext. 1121 or email us at wcp@winshape.org.


COLLEGE IS A BIG DECISION. “Which college is the right fit for my son or daughter? What school offers the best education for the money? Are the academics sound at this college?” Questions ping-pong around in your mind while trying to help your student make the “right” choice. But shouldn’t college offer more than just academics and a tuition that works? Indeed, college is more than a four-year academic exercise – it’s a transformational experience where young people will make decisions that may affect them for the rest of their lives. Students establish lasting relationships and will be challenged in new areas of thought. They will begin to frame a worldview and will look to you for guidance, support, and encouragement. WinShape College Program understands this and works to provide students with a solid foundation that goes beyond the classroom and into real life, pointing students towards God’s truths at every intersection.

WCP approaches your child’s education holistically and creates a blend of Berry’s rigorous academics with The DCL Life – developing discipleship, creating community and launching leaders to impact every generation. This innovative approach to education prepares your child for all aspects of life by concentrating on Six Key Experiences:

  • Developing a Biblical Worldview
  • Establishing a Network of Supporting Relationships
  • Making Decisions and Contributing Based on Communal Thinking
  • Leading from Gifts, Passions, and a love for Jesus
  • Experiencing a Meaningful Leadership Opportunity
  • Living out of our Identity in Christ

The DCL Life will equip your child to make a meaningful contribution and impact their world upon graduation.


"The WinShape College Program is a well-designed, holistic program with a proven track record of accelerating the development of emerging leaders. Anchored by a commitment to living a life rooted and grounded in Christ, this four-year journey combines culturally relevant training with timeless truths that produce life-changing results. Every student serious about being stretched academically, relationally and spiritually should consider WinShape College Program."

Steve Moore // President & CEO, The Mission Exchange // Founder, Keep Growing Inc.

"The WinShape College Program is committed to developing next generation leaders. They have done their homework and created a plan to develop students, putting a compass in their head and a magnet in their heart. I recommend them as a valuable resource to emerging leaders."

Tim Elmore // President, GrowingLeaders.com // Author, Habitudes Series