Leslie – My name is Leslie, and I came to live in a WinShape home when I was 15 years old. During my time at WinShape, I was cared for and nurtured by parents who loved me unconditionally. I bonded immediately with my foster parents and have maintained a loving relationship with them even now, 18 years later. WinShape Homes is more than just a foster home…it is a place that embodies family, love, security and stability. I married and came back to WinShape Homes as a full time foster parent 10 years ago. My husband and I currently work as foster parents with seven children, all of whom are part of a sibling group. I was blessed to be part of WinShape Homes as a young teenage and felt a yearning to give back to a program that gave so much to me. WinShape Homes is so much more than a program – it is a family.

Beth – I moved into a WinShape Home when I was 12 years old, and over the past 12 years I have grown to love my parents and siblings as my own. My parents have always encouraged me in every possible way. They made sure we had every need met, as well as much more. Some of my fondest memories are of our family vacations together. We were able to enjoy new experiences during these exciting times. After I graduated high school, I had the wonderful opportunity to go college. I am a graduate of Troy University, and I was married in June 2008. My husband and I are looking forward to continuing the wonderful relationship with my family, as well other families within WinShape Homes.

Mark – My name is Mark, and I currently live in Tennessee with my wife Tracy. I am a mechanical engineer, and my wife is a high school math teacher. I came to WinShape Homes when I was 9 years old, and the best way I can describe my WinShape Homes experience is that I never felt that I was in a “program” or was a “foster child” when I lived there. We had a big table, big refrigerator, big house, big family and a big van, but that was the only difference from other homes. There was a mom, a dad and a bunch of brothers and sisters. Today, I still call that mom, dad and bunch of brothers and sisters my family.

– I came to live with my WinShape parents when I was 11 years old. My grandmother was my caretaker until she became very ill. Growing up in a WinShape Home changed my life forever. My WinShape parents are the only parents I know, and they raised me with so much love and care. They are the best parents that any child could ever hope for. Even though I was raised with many brothers and sisters, our home was always filled with love and guidance. I still talk to my mom and dad every week and spend all holidays with them. I have my own family now, and my children love seeing their “Oma and Opa.” My children are 3 and 1 years old, and my husband and I own seven retail stores along with running rental properties. We’ve been very blessed. I am thankful to Grampa Cathy for WinShape and his homes. I feel that through WinShape Homes, foster children are given the chance to be successful in life. I couldn’t imagine or wish to have been raised any differently. I love my parents and feel so thankful for them.

– I came to WinShape Homes more than 21 years ago. I had been in a home that wanted to adopt me, but I did not want all that adoption brought with it: severing family relationships, changing my last name, etc. With WinShape Homes, I was able to have the security and permanency of adoption without having to end relationships with my biological family or having to change my last name. My spiritual life blossomed while at WinShape Homes. I accepted Christ as my Savior about six months after moving in, and my foster parents, through family devotions and active involvement, encouraged my spiritual growth with our church. As part of WinShape Homes, I did all the things that my friends with “normal” families did – played sports, went to the movies, participated in church events and went on fun trips. WinShape Homes provided me with a family that was active in developing all areas of life. This development started when I lived in the home, continued through college, and even continues now with my own family.

I have been married for more than 13 years. My wife and I have nine children – three of our own and six foster children. We are WinShape Homes house parents.

I have a great relationship with my WinShape Homes foster parents. I feel that I can still go to them to talk about anything and receive encouragement, wisdom and advice. Two of our children’s names were chosen because my foster parents inspired my wife and me. My wife and I wanted to honor them through this. I absolutely love what WinShape Homes is about. The idea of raising children who, through no fault of their own need a family to call their own, is what I believe is called pure religion in James 1:27. WinShape Homes provides a family that will love them, raise them in a Christ-centered family, meet all of their needs and even a lot of their wants. I absolutely love WinShape Homes. I feel that it is the tool that God is using in my life to help me to succeed in His purpose for my life.

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