Playing Together

September 4 2012 by Ross

             “Find something you love doing together,” a good friend of mine said, “but don’t feel like you have to do everything together.” In 90 days I will be married and I’ve been asking my married friends for advice or information they wish they would’ve known going into their wedding day.

            Find something we love doing together? Well, that’s easy. We both love so many of the...

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5 Great Marriage Tips to Engaged Couples

August 28 2012 by Ross

            At the dinner table, on my last sailboat trip, I asked my guests that if they could, what advice would they give themselves back when they were engaged. I am on the front door of marriage and cannot wait to open the door but know that I need to prepare for success. They came back with some really good advice.

            One man said, “Do things together, don’t always divide and...

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Church Differences

August 21 2012 by Shawn

In the small town that we live in, there are two significant churches. 

One is filled with people who take their faith very seriously.  They hold tightly to the truths of scripture. They study their Bibles and work hard to apply what it says to do to live righteously (and sometimes how to get others to live righteously…but that is a different story).

 The other church is filled with people...

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Slowing Down

August 17 2012 by Andrea

"Citrus" Photo by Jed Sullivan on Flick rEven though I don't have kids, I found this list of 10 Ways to Be a Happier Mom, to be helpful and encouraging. Four of the ten ways mention slowing down. Our culture is obsessed with speed and as I try to deal with how quickly life moves, I'm discovering others who have the desire to take a deep

breath and let their shoulders drop. 

I love #1 on the list:
Life is not an emergency. 
Life's a...

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No Wind

July 16 2012 by Ross

Ross and RebeccaLast August, almost a year ago now, I took Rebecca sailing for the first time. Looking back, its funny to me how adventurous that was because it was only our second date! At the time it made perfect sense. I love sailing and I was interested in this girl so why not share it.

So we met up close to her home and drove to the lake together in my car. I was nervous but desperately trying not to...

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Pace of Life

July 15 2012 by Shawn

Stoever BaseballIt is so hard to control the pace of our lives without life dictating the pace to us.  Our life is always full with four kids in the house and a wife that put the “extra” in extraversion. 

The two females in our tribe are spending a lot of time with basketball…amazing extroverted wife as coach and incredible fifteen year old daughter as player.  This has given me an extra outlet for my...

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First Date Shoes

July 14 2012 by Andrea

Flip FlopsFirst Date Shoes: Girls, it matters.

It's hard to know what guys will notice. Although my husband (Darien) and I have been married for over six years, he only recently told me that the shoes I wore on our first date surprised him.

A little background: some mutual friends had conspired to host a dinner to introduce us. We enjoyed the evening with the other two couples, but it wasn’t until a...

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The Problem with the Ribs

July 13 2012 by Bob

RibsBillows of smoke rise from the Big Green Egg where 9 racks of ribs are smoking.  My wife is scurrying around the house putting the last minute touches on our preparations for a Father’s Day cookout with the family.  We have about thirty minutes before my kids and grandkids arrive when I announce to Vicki, "I've got a problem with the ribs."  She begins to panic and moans, “Oh no! What's wrong...

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